An Overton ISD employee is in self quarantine after coming into contact with family members of a parent who tested positive for COVID-19, according to Superintendent Stephen DuBose.

DuBose said the employee met this past week with the spouse of the person who tested positive, and their child recently went through a meal/assignment delivery line.

The school employee worked the meal/assignment delivery line as recently as Monday and is not showing symptoms, DuBose said in statement.

“I called the Rusk County emergency management group to get their recommendation on whether we should continue our program as it is,” he said in the statement. “They did not see a reason to alter our procedures and advised that we were able to continue.”

DuBose also said employees working the food pickup line wear gloves and do not make contact with anyone picking up meals or assignments.

“I absolutely understand if you choose to distance yourself from the assignment/meal pickup operation, and I assure you that your student will not be punished for incomplete assignments.,” he said in the statement. “You can pick up the assignments at a later date when you feel comfortable to do so.”

Linden-Kildare CISD in Cass County also has reported that a staff member tested positive for COVID-19. And Queen City ISD, also in Cass County, said a student has tested positive, and a district staff member has been exposed to a person with a positive test.

The Queen City ISD staff member has not handled any meals delivered or any assignments that went out this week, Superintendent Keri Winters said in a letter to parents and staff.

Spring Hill ISD Superintendent Wayne Guidry said Thursday that he is making changes to the district’s meal pickup program. Instead of food being taken to cars, Guidry said workers will place meals on a table for pickup so there is no contact.

Also, the district now will give out meals for Thursday and Friday on Thursdays, he said. He is considering giving out multiple meals at one time on other days so contact is minimized.

Employees at White Oak and Longview ISDs deliver meals by dropping them off at students’ homes, so there is no contact.

Pine Tree ISD Superintendent Steve Clugston said he feels confident his employees are safe on meal delivery routes using buses. He said staff have masks, gloves and are sanitizing surfaces regularly.

“We’re looking at the risk versus the need for the service,” Clugston said. “And we feel the risk is minimal and the service is a high need.”