KILGORE — A Kilgore business owner spoke out at the Kilgore City Council meeting Tuesday about issues the city said it had with signs at his business.

Stokes owns HD Hydraulics and is displaying a number of vinyl signs, which he said a city official has told him violates a city ordinance.

He asked council members to review the ordinance and provide more clarity on which signs it restricts and which it doesn’t. He said his current signs and their locations are key advertisements for his business.

“I just want to know what the rules are, and I want what’s best for my business and what is best for Kilgore,” Stokes said.

City Manager Josh Selleck said that because of issues with another resident, a number of violations to the ordinance recently were brought to the city’s attention, including those by Stokes.

“I believe there are many people who are caught up in this that were not intended to be, based on the spirit of the original ordinance,” Selleck said.

He said that as the ordinance is written, it leaves little room for interpretation for city staff and that it simply outlaws vinyl signs. Selleck and council members agreed to review the ordinance at a later meeting.

Also at the meeting, Fire Chief Johnny Bellows requested an ordinance amendment to boost the extra money Kilgore firefighters are paid as an incentive to live within the city limits.

Bellows said the current in-city allowance pay means an additional $150 per paycheck, but he asked for that to be increased to $300 per paycheck.

“We have one of the lowest-paid fire departments and a high turnover rate,” Bellows said. “This gives our firefighters a good reason to live in our city and make it their own, which I think will help retain firefighters for longer periods and make them a part of our community. This way they have a stake in it.”

No decision was made on the ordinance during the meeting.