Kilgore ISD trustees consulted Monday with the district’s attorney in closed session about ongoing homestead exemption lawsuit against the district.

Axberg v. Kilgore ISD was filed in September 2016 in Gregg County by John Claude Axberg, Darlene Axberg and Sheila Anderson, residents of Kilgore ISD’s tax district.

The issues in the case involve what used to be an optional homestead exemption allowing taxpayers to take 20% off the value of their primary residence before their tax bill is calculated. Kilgore ISD offered the optional exemption for decades before voting to rescind the option on June 29, 2015.

That was weeks after the Legislature passed a law that took the option away from school districts and made it mandatory. The law took effect in September 2015, and the district has argued that it removed the 20% exemption before that date.

No action was taken by trustees after executive session.

After the meeting, board president Reggie Henson said the board could not legally discuss pending litigation but said more information is on the horizon.

“It’s all confidential,” Henson said. “We’re just talking about the homestead exemption and what is our next step. We will have a statement.”