Busby Edward Jones, 55, who was charged in November with the murder of James Coles, 46, of Hallsville, was granted bond reductions Wednesday.

Judge Brad Morin of the 71st Judicial District reduced Jones’ bond on the murder charge from $1 million to $500,000 and his bond on a felony drug charge to $10,000.

Jones’ attorney, David Moore, argued that his client is entitled to a reasonable bond that he can pay.

Jones’ wife, Michelle, testified that he is disabled from a work-related injury, has had a stroke, is diabetic, has lupus and was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune membrane disorder that needs constant attention to avoid blood clotting or excessive bleeding.

Harrison County deputies arrested Jones on Nov. 8 after Coles was shot and killed at Jones’ home on Quail Lane on the Harrison County side of Longview.