Editor's note: A previous version of this story included inaccurate information. This story has been corrected.

Longview police and the Texas Rangers have asked the state attorney general for permission to withhold body and dashboard video of the Aug. 7 fatal shooting of Detravian Allison.

The 18-year-old died in a Longview hospital hours after police fired multiple gunshots at him in the Longview Square Apartments at 1600 Pine Tree Road. Police released little additional information that day beyond saying the officers involved had been placed on paid leave while the incident is investigated by the Texas Rangers.

The News-Journal filed an open records request for the body and dashboard videos one day after the shooting. The newspaper’s news partner, CBS 19, filed a similar request on Aug. 12, but it also asked for written reports about the incident.

Assistant City Attorney Robert Ray’s nine-page letter to the attorney general combines the requests. Ray said Thursday the attorney general’s Open Records Division would have combined the two related requests, anyway.

The city responded to both requests Thursday by saying it is asking for permission to withhold the videos and several pieces of written information from the public.

The newspaper also sent a request for the videos to the Texas Department of Public Safety because its Texas Rangers division is leading the investigation. That department notified the newspaper late Thursday afternoon it is asking the AG to withhold the videos under the “ongoing investigation” exception to the act.

The letter asking to deny both requests cites exceptions to the public information act for many items the newspaper did not ask to see.

Those included Social Security numbers, an email address, an unspecified state-issued identification, fingerprints, birth dates, “professional conclusions of a licensed psychologist” and other information.

The city and Texas Rangers in early 2016 did release video of an officer-involved fatal shooting that was being investigated by the Texas Rangers. After the city refused to release police lobby video of Longview officers shooting 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard, the protest group Anonymous shut down the city’s website.

The city then released the video, along with multiple statements that the release was not connected to the cyberattack, which ended when the footage became public.