MARSHALL — A Harrison County grand jury recently indicted a 28-year-old Arkansas man on charges of drug possession and child abandonment/endangerment.

Kevion Lynell Littlejohn of Little Rock, Arkansas, was indicted on a charge of possession of more than 400 grams of a controlled substance and abandoning/endangering a child with criminal negligence after he was found with cocaine during a traffic stop on May 8 with his toddler passenger.

According to an arrest report, Littlejohn was stopped by Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Brant Smith on U.S. 59, south of Woodlawn, for speeding and driving on the improved shoulder.

“While speaking with Littlejohn, I noticed indicators of criminal activity,” Smith reported.

After getting consent to search the vehicle, the officer noticed the right rear door panel had been tampered with. After removing the panel, five bundles were discovered.

Officers discovered that four of the five bundles contained powdered cocaine that weighed 4.8 pounds. The fifth bundle contained about $70,000 in cash.

Officers reported Littlejohn made an admission to taking the bundles from Little Rock to Houston, while having his 1-year-old child inside the vehicle.