Vandalism reported to girls' softball fields in Marshall

The Marshall Youth Softball Association’s fields were found vandalized Monday.

MARSHALL — The Marshall Youth Softball Association reported vandalism to five of its fields Monday.

Association president Scott Beck said only the girls’ fields were damaged.

“The boy’s fields were fine,” Beck said.

He predicted the damage will cost about $300 to repair, along with an extensive amount of time to ready the fields for the upcoming season.

“The problem is they were wet, as well. Ripping up the dirt when it is muddy takes a toll on the field,” Beck said.

He said a city official who helps care for the fields had reported to him early last week that a group of teenagers driving golf carts were asked to leave the fields.

While the park is public property, the fields are owned by the league and require permission to be used.

The league recently started early registration for its season, which begins in March.

Beck said the group expects to be complete with the repairs to the field well before the season begins.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to contact Beck through the group’s Facebook page.