MARSHALL — Wiley College has ordered all “Greek life” to immediately cease activities and remove all paraphernalia from campus after a report of a hazing incident in at least one of the organizations, according to a letter from Wiley College President Herman Felton Jr. on Thursday.

Felton wrote that the purpose of the moratorium is “to evaluate all Greek letter organizations on the campus to ensure they are upholding standards deemed acceptable for any student or student group.”

Felton gave fraternity and sorority members until Friday to take down and remove all Greek life-related items, symbols and signs, or the college would throw them away.

Clothing that promotes or represents a Greek organization also is banned, Felton said, along with Greek programs, off-campus parties and intake parties.

The strong stance stems from a reported campus hazing incident that involved at least one of the Greek organizations, Wiley College spokeswoman Tammy Taylor said Friday.

Felton said the focus is on student safety.

“Wiley College establishes rules and regulations to ensure a positive and safe environment for all students and student groups,” Felton said. “The end result of this moratorium will be stronger organizations that are guided by refined policies and regulations that will ensure the longevity and continued success of Greek life at Wiley College.”