Pulpwood Queens Book Club, Girlfriend Weekend crowns new princess as Murphy steps down

Brooklynn LaFleur

JEFFERSON — The Pulpwood Queens Book Club and Girlfriend Weekend has crowned a new princess.

Founder Kathy Murphy announced Saturday, during the wrap-up day of her 20th anniversary of her Pulpwood Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, that she would be passing the mantle to Jefferson resident Brooklynn LaFleur.

Murphy, who sold her beauty salon/bookstore to LaFleur, her cousin, years ago when she left Jefferson, is taking a step back in the organization, and LaFleur will now handle the Girlfriend Weekend event each January, as well as the new online Pulpwood Queens Book Club that is launching this year.

LaFleur said Tuesday she is thrilled to don her tiara and step in to the organization.

“Kathy is my first cousin, but I’ve always called her my ‘Aunt Kathy,’ and I’ve been involved with the Pulpwood Queens from the beginning,” LaFleur said. “Aunt Kathy is the whole reason I became a hair dresser. I always wanted to be like her, and I’ve always wanted to write my own book.”

LaFleur said when she went off to college to major in English, she quickly realized she wasn’t following the pathway to her dream job.

“I enrolled in cosmetology school, moved back to Jefferson and then went to work for Aunt Kathy at her salon,” LaFleur said.

When Murphy left Jefferson after a divorce, she sold her “Beauty and the Book” beauty salon/bookstore to LaFleur, who changed the name to “Salon Rouge Spa.”

“I’m planning to write a book soon, and I’ve always dreamed of immersing myself in the Pulpwood Queens,” LaFleur said. “Aunt Kathy will still be doing appearances and still be the ‘queen.’ She will still be doing the book selections, but Paul Roberson, our webmaster, and I will be stepping up and taking about 75% of the load off of her shoulders.”

Murphy started the Pulpwood Queens Book Club in 2000, and the organization has grown to the largest book club in the world with 787 chapters worldwide.

For information about the Pulpwood Queens Book Club or join a chapter, go to thepulpwoodqueens.com or see their Facebook page.