An Arkansas National Guard Black Hawk helicopter was back in the air Friday after making an emergency landing in a Troup pasture Thursday evening.

Scott Stovall said he was at work when a neighbor texted him that a military helicopter had landed suddenly in his field. Stovall said he immediately left work and headed home.

“It was an emergency landing, but they were just so composed,” Stovall said. “We try to show appreciation for the military and the sacrifices they make.”

A spokesperson for the National Guard told News-Journal and Tyler Morning Telegraph news partner CBS19 that the helicopter experienced an electrical problem at 5:30 p.m. Thursday and chose the field in which to land out of an abundance of caution.

After landing, the crew began trying to assess the problem. Stovall said neighbors came from far and wide to take a look, and the soldiers seemed happy to show children the helicopter.

Stovall said he and his wife were glad for the chance to give back. He put the crew up in his “man cave,” which is a one-bedroom apartment on his property with “all the bells and whistles.” The crew was served food cooked by neighbors, able to take a shower after a day working on the helicopter in the Texas heat and get a good night’s rest on beds and couches in the air-conditioned getaway.

After an assist from a crew in a second helicopter on Friday morning, the bird was back in the air just after noon.

“I’m just glad they are safe, and they landed in a good, friendly field,” Stovall said. “I’m glad we got a chance to pay them back.”