Carthage ISD has started the process to find a permanent superintendent to take over from interim Superintendent Jim Dunlap.

Dunlap has been running the district since November when trustees voted to separate from its agreement with then-Superintendent John Wink.

School board officials told Dunlap this past week that they wanted to bring two superintendent search firms next month to hear presentations.

“My thinking is this is August,” school board President Ben Donald said. “That needs to be done in September, at least in September. Then that way at least it will give us the option to then establish a timeline to begin that process in October or November. That would put us on a springtime selection like we did before.”

The district is looking at the Texas Association of School Boards and Arrow Educational Services, for which Dunlap serves as chief operating officer and lead consultant. The district used Arrow Educational Services to find and hire Wink in 2018.

Dunlap told school board members they would schedule a special meeting to hear from both firms in September.

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