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Judson STEAM Academy students Cy Marsh, left, and Kyleah LaBouve, who just completed sixth grade, hold a T-shirt their math class designed as a community project to benefit the organization

Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas


The organization Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas is set to receive a $400 donation this month thanks to the work of Judson STEAM Academy students.

The sixth-grade class at the Longview ISD school was challenged with graphing points on a plane to make a design inspired by a charity as part of a contest.

Students Cy Marsh and Kyleah LaBouve, who just completed sixth grade at Judson, said they chose Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas as their charity because they love dogs.

The organization raises service dogs for veterans. Keeping that in mind, Cy said his group’s design included paw prints.

Math teacher Shea Powell said the teachers brainstormed for a good project that would wrap up the unit and give the students a chance to do a service project.

Her fellow math teacher, Devon Thomas, said the whole grade voted on the best design and decided that design would be printed on T-shirts the students could sell to raise money for the charity.

The shirts sold out quickly, raising $400 to donate.

Kyleah said she went around her neighborhood selling shirts.

“It lets me know that I’m helping people,” she said. “It was fun. I think I sold about nine or eight shirts around my neighborhood.”

During the research, Powell said the students became passionate about their charities.

Thomas said the students came up with incredible designs, and it was hard for the grade to vote.

“We wanted to give them an opportunity to use their math for something that was real for them,” she said. “For me, it was really amazing to watch them use that because they were able to take kind of an abstract concept and use it for something that had some meaning for them, and they chose their own charities.”

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