Three business owners played a role in helping a Longview assisted living community offer care to its residents this week.

Stacy Duncan, director of sales and marketing for Parkview on Hollybrook, said Friday that business leaders stepped up to offer transportation for staff and to help the assisted living facility maintain its water supply.

“We couldn’t have done it without these three individuals,” she said.

When the winter storm first began Colten Marr, owner of JCT Auto Sales, donated a truck that Trace Holder, owner of Kiddie Oasis Daycare, used to drive some of Parkview’s staff to and from work.

Duncan said Parkview has about 28 people on staff. Some who live far away stayed on site at Parkview; however, Holder drove about 10 staff members back and forth throughout the week, she noted.

Then, as the storm continued, one of Parkview’s main water lines busted and the facility lost water in some of its buildings. Parkview maintains a three-day supply of water that it used; however, plumber Boogie Lumpkin made his way through the sleet- and snow-covered roads to repair the water break.

A few days later when another pipe busted, he came back out, she said.

“He got our building back up and going within 12 hours,” she recalled. “We’ve been so fortunate to be connected with just the right people who went out of their way to help us.”

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