A bald eagle is seen perched on a derrick in Kilgore.

From staff reports

What was believed to be a buzzard in Kilgore turned out to be something much more “magnificent” — a bald eagle.

The city of Kilgore said in a Facebook post that the “magnificent fellow” was spotted perched on the derrick near the police department.

B.J. Owen, city director of Special Services, took photos of the bird that were shared by the city on Facebook.

“Bystanders reported that when (the eagle) arrived ... the buzzards fled to downtown and watched anxiously to see when it would be safe to return home,” the city said in the post. “So ... next time you think you see a buzzard on the derrick, look a little closer to make sure.”

Bald eagles are present year-round throughout the state, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The bald eagle population in Texas is divided into two populations, breeding birds and nonbreeding or wintering birds, according to the department.

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