CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center

Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center — Longview on Tuesday.

Christus Health System has reached an agreement with Cigna insurance that keeps Christus doctors, hospitals and other facilities in Cigna’s network.

A dispute over proposed hikes in fees paid for health care services led Christus to end its contract with Connecticut-based Cigna in March.

The move was phased in throughout Christus Health’s Northeast Texas medical facilities, and Christus Good Shepherd Health System in Longview was the first facility to leave Cigna’s network.

Without Christus facilities in Cigna’s network, Christus patients with Cigna health insurance were facing higher costs.

“We are delighted to have finalized an agreement with Cigna that ensures the Longview community will have access to the high-quality treatments and advanced and specialty services Christus provides,” Adele Paulett, vice president of Managed Care for Christus Health System, said in a statement Thursday. “While we know this was a difficult time for our patients and providers, we are looking forward to a positive relationship with Cigna, and we are thankful to have a resolution that allows us to continue to care for our neighbors and friends close to home.”

Christus Health System’s in-network status will be restored as of the date its previous contracts ended, which will vary by facility, Cigna said in a statement. For Christus’ facilities in Longview and Marshall, that date is March 1.

Claims that have been processed as out-of-network since those dates will be reprocessed as in-network at a lower cost to Cigna customers, according to the company.

Christus Health System is in the process of reaching out to Cigna customers who visited a Christus facility or physician while the system was out of network to discuss the process for paying and adjusting their bill, according to Cigna.

A dispute over a requested increase in rates by Christus led to the separation, officials from Christus and Cigna said in March.

Cigna Public Relations Senior Adviser Mark Slitt said earlier that about 2,500 Cigna customers had used Christus facilities in Longview and Marshall in the past 18 months.