Justin Wood rode his bike in cold, rainy conditions Wednesday morning just to have doughnuts with 8-year-old daughter Calleigh at Spring Hill Intermediate School.

“I didn’t think I would make it that fast. I made it from the Cotton Patch (Cafe) to here in 30 minutes,” Wood said. “I left at about 6:15 a.m. and got here about 6:45 a.m. I didn’t know where to go or when it started so I decided, ‘You better show up early.’ ”

School Principal Dana Robertson said this was the second time for Donuts with Daughters on her campus. The school had a good turnout this past week at Donuts with Dudes, where parents shared pastries with their sons, she said.

Robertson said the event was an opportunity for parents to have breakfast with their students and visit teachers’ classrooms. For Wood, showing up was a simple parental duty and because “(Calleigh) wanted me to. Anything she wants, she usually gets,” he said.

“She was excited. I was excited. She told me that she really wanted me to and I told her that I’d find a way (to get there) and if I couldn’t, I’d ride my bike. So I rode my bike,” Wood said. “Any time I told her I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it.”

Jamazeay Jones, 9, said Donuts with Daughters “brings you closer to your mom.”

“My teacher told me so I told her. ... I didn’t want to be by myself,” Jamazeay said.

Her mother, Crystal Lejeune, said she sometimes takes time from work to support Jamazeay’s school events.

“Every single time there’s a chance for me to show up, she’s saying, ‘Mom, come do this, Mom, come do that,’” Lejeune said. “(The school hosted the event for) bonding and ... probably because you don’t want to feel left out when the other families are coming up to the school.”

It felt good to share doughnuts with her dad for a second year, said Addy Cameron, 9.

“I don’t usually get to spend time with him, and this time I get to,” she said.

Addy’s father, Dustin, said he came back because the event is “kind of neat.”

“It’s cool because I don’t usually get to take her to school. ... It’s just cool to spend time with her,” he said.

Wood said he hopes the event encourages parent involvement and commitment to children.

“I think it should show parents that they should be involved no matter what. There (are) no excuses to come up with why you can’t make it for anything. ... I don’t have means of transportation right now, but I make it work,” he said.

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