The East Texas Advanced Academies board could approve incentive pay for network teachers when the trustees meet at noon today at Forest Park Magnet School, 1644 N. Eastman Road, Longview.

Longview Incentive For Teachers is a Longview ISD program that financially rewards teachers for student performance.

Cynthia Wise, CEO of the nonprofit ETAA that manages the Longview ISD charter district-within-a-district campuses, said ETAA wants the board to review Longview ISD’s guidelines for LIFT and approve them and the LIFT pay for ETAA network teachers.

Teachers at ETAA schools — Ware East Texas Montessori Prep Academy, East Texas Montessori Prep Academy, Johnston-McQueen Elementary School, Bramlette STEAM Academy, J.L. Everhart Elementary School and Forest Park — still are considered Longview ISD employees, Wise said.

But they are managed by ETAA, so the LIFT payment needs board approval. The board has an option to not adopt the LIFT payments.

“It comes out of the LISD budget,” she said. “The LIFT money that Longview has set aside for the teachers that are in our network, that money has already been distributed to ETAA.”

The board also could approve bimonthly meetings between Longview ISD and ETAA.

Wise said the board is being made aware those meetings will take place. Trustees could ask for a different time frame for the meetings, such as monthly instead of bimonthly.

The meetings with Longview ISD are a chance for the district and nonprofit entity to make sure they are on the same page with managing the campuses and the relationship between the two, Wise said.

ETAA will give Longview ISD updates on the campuses it is managing and be able to address any concerns it has with the district, she said.

The final action item on the agenda concerns Lone Star Governance, which is a Texas Education Agency training that board members and leadership staff attend.

“(The training) is to make sure that we understand the operating procedures of serving on a board and open meetings act procedures and guidelines,” Wise said.

Trustees could adopt items that came out of that training, she said. Those include goals and progress measures, board monitoring calendar and board time use tracker.

The board is required to have student outcome goals, Wise said. A monitoring calendar is a way to track if the board can complete the goals in the timeline specified. Trustees are supposed to spend 30% to 50% of their time discussing student outcomes, and adopting a time use tracker would allow the board to look at the meeting agendas and track how much time the board is spending on student outcomes.

In other business, the board could consider and approve applying for the Texas Association of School Boards, and Wise will give an update on Space, virtual reality technology that ETAA bought.