Next year, Gregg County property owners will be able to go to one online source to find proposed tax rates, how they would affect residents’ tax bills and time and dates of public hearings for those rates.

Gregg County Chief Appraiser Libby Neely said the appraisal district will launch a new website in 2020 that will let property owners see their property values; the different ad valorem rates proposed by schools, cities, the county and other local taxing entities; and what those proposed rates will mean for their upcoming tax bills.

Plus, users of the site will be able to see the locations and times that those governing bodies will hold public hearings on their proposed tax rates, she said.

The site will be required by state law within two years, but the Gregg County Appraisal District is taking an early leap, Neely said, and all of its participating taxing entities are on board.

“It’s not required until 2021, but we’re going to be proactive and starting it in 2020,” she said.

“They will have more of a say-so,” Neely said. “That’s what the state wants is for people to get a little more involved in it — so they’ll know when the hearings are going to be for those rates and can be involved in it. So that ought to be super for a property owner.”

The appraisal district already has hosted a webinar for local entities to see the basics of the website and how they will contribute to it, Neely said. Each entity will have a liaison who will be responsible for updating their local government’s information.

“It’s going to be something in real time, because as information changes, they are to update their information — contact information for their offices, their office hours, contact information for their governing body so that people can email information and phone information and names of people that are on the board,” she said.

The website also will have aerial maps and property information that is already found on the district’s existing website, .

“I’m really looking forward to it,” she said. “I think it’s going to be a good tool for property owners.”