Gregg County’s website address will be changing, but residents visiting the site for services should not notice a difference.

County Information Technology Director Derold Miller on Monday made a proposal Gregg County commissioners to change the county’s current website address from to Commissioners voted in favor of the proposal, which passed.

In a letter to commissioners prior to the meeting, Miller said changing to a domain for the county follows the state’s practice.

“To promote the reliability of Texas government online services and information, ‘’ has been designated the primary domain name for Texas government as per the Texas Department of Information Resources,” he said.

Miller on Monday said the process to implement the change would be made one department at a time throughout the fiscal year.

“We don’t want to hit everybody at the same time,” said Miller, whose department would be responsible for the changes.

County Judge Bill Stoudt assured those in attendance, which included several department heads, that the domain name change would not disrupt operations. He said county funds would not be wasted by having to change current business cards, stationary or email addresses. The county will be responsible for the annual $125 payment for the domain name.

Stoudt told the court he spoke with Miller prior to the meeting to have him explain how the changes would affect various county departments.

Miller told the court that any documents or digital files with the current domain name would not be defunct or need to be changed immediately. By using a primary and secondary address, future visitors of the current website address will be redirected to the new one, he said.

Miller also said the transition will be begin slowly.

“(It’s) wise to start out with the large (departments) and work down,” he said.

Miller said his plan first targets the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office.

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