When someone asks Jordan Crayton what she wants to be when she grows up, she says a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The Hallsville High School senior, who weighed 17 ounces when she was born, got to be a Bobcat cheerleader for the afternoon at the final pep rally for seniors Friday.

“She’s always teasing about being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader when she grows up,” Jordan’s mother, Marie Crayton, said. “So I said, ‘At least you can be a Bobcat cheerleader.’ She graduates this year, so it was something fun, and she really enjoyed practicing with them and getting to know them better.”

Crayton said doctors told her Jordan would not be able hear, walk, talk or see. But she said Jordan, now 20 years old, was able to beat the odds.

“She’s on a walker now,” Crayton said. “She can talk; you can understand her. She’s done very well, by the grace of God.”

Because of her NFL cheerleader aspirations, Crayton said she wanted Jordan to have the chance to be a cheerleader for a day for her alma mater.

“She’s really active in pep rallies,” Crayton said. “In fact, she’s the most spirited all the time.”

After speaking with some teachers, the principal and cheerleading team, Crayton said Jordan was approved to perform with the cheerleaders.

Jordan was in a cheerleader uniform and went out in her wheelchair with the cheerleaders during their first routine of the pep rally. She stayed on the floor of the coliseum with the team during the rest of the festivities for the seniors.

At the end of the pep rally, Jordan joined her classmates when all the seniors came onto the court and sang the school song.

“It was overwhelming,” Crayton said. “I was fighting back the tears. Me, God and Jordan, we did this. We did this.”