Hughes Springs ISD

Rising COVID-19 cases have forced Hughes Springs ISD in Cass County to close for the rest of the week.

Information the district posted online showed 42 students with COVID-19 as of Monday, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Fourteen staff members had active cases as well. However, the district reported it was still processing paperwork to update the case count.

The district’s online announcement said it would reopen Monday.

“While we understand this is an inconvenience for parents, we simply cannot continue to have school open under current circumstances,” the district announcement said. “We have well over 30 students come to school sick today (Monday); some we were able to COVID test, some we were not. Sick students stay home! We are fighting a losing battle if they continue to be sent to school. We are doing everything humanly possible, but we need cooperation from all HSISD families.”

All extracurricular activities also were canceled.

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