Gregg County pulled into East Mountain fray

An ongoing tussle in East Mountain has seen multiple lawsuits filed against the city, resignations of appointed and elected officials and allegations that city hiring violated the Texas Constitution.

A judge has denied reopening lawsuits filed in Upshur County against the city of East Mountain.

Visiting Judge Paul Banner ruled this week that he would not allow the cases filed by Ken Miller, Gari Bellis and Lester Glover to be reopened.

Attorney Andrew Korn, who represented the three men, argued that terms of a settlement had been breached.

Earlier this week, Korn filed a federal lawsuit in Marshall on behalf of Miller against the city of East Mountain, Gregg County, Upshur County, Neal Coulter, Betty Davis and Terry Davis, in which he argues for damages for Miller. He said Miller has been terrorized over the past several years by elected officials and police officers.

On Friday, officials with the local governments confirmed they had been served with the lawsuits. Officials declined to comment on the case.