A lawsuit that enmeshed a departing Gregg County GOP chief in a dispute with a homebuilding partner was dismissed last week at the request of the plaintiff, Dr. Samir Germanwala.

Nothing in the court record indicates why the Longview cardiologist called off the lawsuit. The case file, however, has a gap in filings after builder Tim Vaughn filed a bankruptcy motion in December 2016.

Germanwala sued Vaughn in September 2016, three years after the pair formed a partnership with the goal of building a string of high-end homes.

Vaughn, owner of TVaughn Builders, was to supply the homebuilding expertise and experience while Germanwala put up $250,000. In the lawsuit, Germanwala complained of transfers that Vaughn made from the business account to companies within his homebuilding enterprise.

Vaughn maintained he was conducting business in a standard fashion and Germanwala was unfamiliar with the homebuilding business.

Vaughn was Gregg County Republican Party chairman until December 2016 when he resigned to pursue career plans in North Central Texas.

He could not be reached for comment this week. Germanwala's attorney, Otis Carroll Jr., did not reply to an email seeking comment.

Vaughn's bankruptcy, filed in federal court in Tyler, was separate from his civil dispute with Germanwala. The case was terminated in April 2016, so it's unclear whether it impacted the Germanwala lawsuit.

The case file for the civil lawsuit shows no motions filed from Jan. 4, when 124th District Judge Alfonso Charles was notified of the bankruptcy lawsuit, until Dec. 14, when Carroll filed a "motion of nonsuit" on Germanwala's behalf.

Such motions typically are filed by plaintiffs who want their lawsuit dismissed but retain the right to file it again. A Dec. 20 filing notified Vaughn that the lawsuit was dismissed.

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