Longview-area schools mostly came out of the winter storm with little to no damage and are ready to welcome back students after an unexpected week off campus.

In Longview, Pine Tree and Spring Hill ISDs will return Monday and had no weather damage at their campuses.

A Longview ISD spokesman said Saturday that the only damage to district facilities was to a water main at the high school that was repaired.

White Oak ISD Superintendent Brian Gray said the high school did have a busted water main. He said it was behind the high school and only supplies part of the water for the building, so the campus still has water.

Gray said maintenance is waiting for the ground to thaw before it can be dug up and repaired, but it will be fixed soon.

Superintendent Sedric Clark said Gladewater ISD had pipes burst in three buildings, but the district will have school Monday.

Maintenance workers already has taken care of two, and the other was set to be fixed Saturday, he said. The pipes busted in the high school gym, central office and bus barn.

The district expects to have water in all buildings by Monday, Clark said. If there is not water in buildings, the district will notify the community, and school will not open.

Sabine ISD also was able to make repairs in time to have school Monday, Superintendent Stacey Bryce said.

One pipe burst at the high school, Bryce said. Since it happened in a room with concrete and a drain on the floor, there was no extensive damage.

The water is shut off at the campus so the pipe can be fixed but was set to be back on Saturday.

Kilgore ISD Superintendent Andy Baker said in a statement there will be no school or remote learning Monday because of water issues in the city.

“As with our community, we’ve had some issues this week with some of our campuses and facilities,” he said Friday. “So Monday will be a work day for our faculty and staff to help everyone get back on track and help us identify any minor issues that we may have missed this week.”

The district expects students will be able to return Tuesday.

There was a fire sprinkler pipe break in a middle school hallway, Baker said. Though it made a mess, most of it has been cleaned up.

“Our middle school leadership team already has a plan in place on how they will relocate these affected classrooms if needed for next week,” he said.

Kilgore is on a boil water notice for the next several days, Baker said. He has a plan to have enough bottled drinking water for students and staff next week and enough to help with cafeteria needs.

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