Guests and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church members gathered Saturday at an outdoor chapel to worship and give remembrance to the people affected by the 9/11 terror attacks.

The Rev. David F. Judd, interim pastor at St. Andrew’s, said he initiated a discussion about having a remembrance program, and church members were enthusiastic about the idea of offering up prayers for comfort and healing.

He and church members solicited from the community names of people affected and also names of those who have served in Afghanistan or Iraq in the 20 years since Sept. 11, 2001, and read them aloud during the ceremony.

Kathy Loy, who has been a member of the church since 1980, added the name of a family friend and former church member Andrew Davis, who served in the military and now lives out of state.

“It brings back awful memories,” Loy said about the anniversary, “I had daughters that were just graduating from college, and one that had just started a job with American Airlines, and 10 days later, she lost it because of 9/11.”

Loy says, like many her age, she remembers exactly where she was when she learned of the attack.

“I was at work,” she recalled, “and someone called and said, ‘You won’t believe what’s happening,’ so we turned on the little TV and of course, that was the end of the work day — it was so devastating.”

Judd said his second cousin, a Green Beret, died while serving in Afghanistan.

“We have some challenges ahead,” said Judd, “and I hope the patriotic spirit we had on September 12th 20 years ago gets rejuvenated.”

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