The Longview City Council is set to approve a master plan at Thursday's meeting that directs decisions on how art is acquired for display at municipal facilities.

Community Services Director Laura Hill said the 2015 comprehensive plan adopted by the city called for such a guiding document.

While art has been placed in several public locations, Hill said there has not been a strategic plan in place to facilitate the various factors that come with acquiring it. 

"Now with what the cultural district has done for Longview ... this will help guide what we do with city property," Hill said. 

The Cultural Activities Advisory Committee will be responsible for the plan, Hill said. 

A major goal is to focus on the management of the existing art collection and on building a cohesive collection in the future, according to the plan.

"Public art is currently funded through project-specific donations in cooperation with individuals, corporations, various nonprofit organizations, municipal departments and private property owners," the plan states.

Hill stressed that the plan only would affect city property and not private land/business owners, adding that the city does not intend to instruct private entities how/what art to purchase/display on their property.

The city also plans to establish a donated revenue account to allow for community members' participation in the public art program and to provide for ongoing maintenance costs. 

The public art master plan was collaboratively created with assistance from residents and organizations including Arts!Longview, Keep Longview Beautiful's ART from the heART Program, the downtown small area study and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

The plan lists several strategies to achieve the city's public art goals such as looking at locations and themes that will generate a positive first impression. 

Hill said the plan has an effective date of June 1.

"That's about when the City Council appoints the new boards and commission members, and it would give the Cultural Activities Advisory Committee time to get people on and (familiar) with this initiative," she said. 

The public art master plan is on Thursday's consent agenda. The council is set to meet at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 300 W. Cotton St.

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