Emily McCarty

Emily McCarty Wednesday, August 7, 2019, at Silver Grizzly.

When the 2020 National Prayer Breakfast kicks off, a Longview High School graduate will be working behind the scenes.

Emily McCarty, 22, graduated from Longview High in 2015 and from Abilene Christian University in May. She will head to Washington, D.C., in September as an intern with National Prayer Breakfast.

The National Prayer Breakfast is an annual event that brings people of all religions together for prayer and includes a speech from the president and a guest speaker, who is not known until the morning of the event, she said. The speaker is someone who has had a humanitarian or religious impact.

After a call from a professor who told her he had a friend at the National Prayer Breakfast looking for an intern and after a couple of phone interviews, McCarty landed the internship.

She said she believes she is the only intern specifically working with National Prayer Breakfast.

Once she starts Sept. 9, McCarty said she will spend the months leading up to the event helping with day-to-day organizational tasks.

"Today (the National Prayer Breakfast's) role is being one of the few bipartisan events," she said. "It’s a big event reminding everyone we’re all still one. It doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican. I think that’s nice especially right now (since) it’s kind of a hot political time."

While she will not be working in the White House, McCarty said she is still nervous about being in Washington, D.C., during a divisive political climate.

But, she said she still sees it as an adventure and the possible start of her career.

While she is still not completely sure what her career route will be, McCarty said she is interested in nonprofit work and possibly attending law school.

This internship is a chance for her to meet people who can help her achieve those goals, she said.

"It’s a huge résumé booster just having that I interned in D.C., and especially with a political science degree, a lot of employers would want to see that you were somewhere like that," McCarty said. "I went to a Christian school; I try to live my life the way that God would be happy about. I just think it’s kind of honoring to God to see how all these people get together."