Longview High School senior Payton Schaap would never have considered pursuing public speaking — until she joined the Technology Student Association.

Schapp will compete in the prepared presentation and chapter team categories at the association’s national competition June 24-July 2 in Washington, D.C., along with 10 other students on her team.

Prepared presentation is a speech and electronic presentation prepared in 24 hours from a topic drawn at the event, Schaap said.

At the state Technology Student Association competition this spring, Schaap earned second place in prepared presentation.

Chapter team, one of the oldest events for the association, she said, is a written test on parliamentary procedure and an evaluation on how the team runs a business meeting. At state, the team earned first place in chapter team.

Junior Katherine Burlingame was a member of the digital video production team. Each year, the association presents a theme on which the students must base their video. This year’s theme was “mockumentary.”

Burlingame said the team decided to make a comedic film about finding Bigfoot. The film earned them second place at state.

“We’re going to perfect our work for nationals for sure,” Burlingame said. “You have to make it professional for nationals. We’re going to get more sound quality and just get more detailed.”

Twelve students qualified for the national meet, but one will not attend because of a mission trip.

Besides the student success, their adviser, Charles Mosley, won state Adviser of the Year at state competition.

“I’m honored to get that. The last time I got that honor was 2008-2009, and that’s when my daughter was a state officer,” Mosley said. “It’s nice to be recognized.”

Advisers are nominated by a student, and a committee decides who wins. This year, Schaap nominated Mosley.

This is Mosley’s 18th year to be a TSA adviser, he said. For this team, the four seniors make it special for him, he said.

“You get a group of students their freshman year and you get to work with them for four years, and you start thinking of them as your kids,” Mosley said. “Three of the four, we’ve traveled to Orlando and Nashville and all over the country, and we’ve won first place at events at nationals.”

To prepare for nationals, the team will practice 10 hours a week, Mosley said. Students also will practice on their own leading up to the competition. Chapter team students also will take 70 practice tests.

As nationals preparation picks up, Burlingame is appreciative for an organization like TSA, she said.

“You’re working with two different sides of the brain. You have photography and (digital video production), which is more of the creative side, and you have coding,” she said. “It’s cool to see how their brain works, and it’s led me into a really great organization with people who care about you, and in a big high school like this, that’s a great feeling.”