Longview ISD teachers are officially getting $8.2 million in salary raises after Monday’s board of trustees meeting.

The district previously announced the raises at its convocation Friday.

District spokesman Matthew Prosser said the board needed to approve the raises so the business office could prepare the final budget to present to the board at its noon meeting Aug. 28.

“The reason why they had to approve the raises first is because, obviously, the raises have to be paid for out of the budget,” he said. “So the board gave the business office permission to go forward with the raises and then the business office, with the approval of these raises, will then be able to formulate a budget to present to the board to vote to approve or not at the 28th meeting.”

The raises come out of money provided to school districts from House Bill 3, or the school finance bill, that was passed in the recent legislative session. The bill mandates districts use part of the funds for salary raises.

The average salary increase at Longview ISD is $6,700, according to the district website.

According to the district’s website, the base salary for a teacher with zero years of experience will increase from $40,280 to $47,200, a 17% increase. The base salary for a teacher with 25 years of experience is getting a 14% increase, from $51,120 to $58,520.

Trustees also approved extending the district’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Pines and SeeSaw Children’s Place another year. The board also approved the 2019-20 student code of conduct and the purchase of two trucks for the maintenance department at $32,756 each.