Longview ISD has fired Transportation Director Dale Bohannon, district spokeswoman Elizabeth Ross confirmed Monday, adding that she could not release further details.

The district is working through transportation issues after parents had to locate two misplaced students — a 4-year-old boy and a 5-year-old boy — from East Texas Montessori Prep Academy last week.

In reaction to a story posted on the News-Journal website about the parents’ ordeal, other district parents have commented that they experienced similar issues with the Longview ISD transportation department.

Madison and Chayce Stowe, the parents of one of the boys, said they are scheduled to meet with members of the Longview ISD board, but details of that meeting had not been set Monday.

Ross said the driver of the bus on which the two misplaced students were riding is no longer driving a bus and won’t “until the district can give her the training she needs.”

Problems with bus transportation are not uncommon during the first weeks of school, as the News-Journal has for years reported numerous issues in the Longview area.

Longview ISD experienced an issue in 2017 with missing students, long pickup times, busing issues and disorganization at the then-new East Texas Montessori Prep Academy, including one 4-year-old boy who had to wait three hours on his first day of school for a bus to take him to Longview High School, where his father was a coach.

And in 2013, a Longview ISD bus driver was fired after admitting she stopped at a busy intersection in South Longview and ordered 20 students off the bus after they had become unruly. Video footage of that incident was not recorded — the result, district officials said, of the driver not inspecting the equipment.

In August 2010, a Longview ISD school bus dropped off a 5-year-old Johnston-McQueen Elementary School student on her first day of kindergarten on the opposite side of Loop 281 where she lives, and Longview police returned the child to her parents about 6:30 p.m. that day. As it turned out, a school official had given the child a bus tag with the wrong address, her mother said.

Pine Tree ISD also had problems in 2010, with students missing their stops or getting on the wrong bus, its transportation director said. One child fell asleep and missed his stop, the official said.

Bohannon became Longview ISD transportation director in June after longtime director Ray Miller retired.

The district hired Bohannon in 2013 as the principal at Bramlette Elementary School, now Bramlette STEAM Academy.

He previously worked at New Waverly ISD and has worked as a teacher, principal and superintendent.

In 2015, the district reassigned Bohannon from his role at Bramlette to a safety operations role under Assistant Superintendent Jody Clements. Bohannon was listed as the truancy prevention facilitator in the 2016-17 school year.

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