Longview-Kilgore Cable

Longview-Kilgore Cable continues to investigate an outage that began Thursday and lasted about 11 hours.

Longview-Kilgore Cable is experiencing a citywide outage, according to a post on the company’s Facebook.

“We have our tech on site working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” the message posted at 2:30 p.m. reads. “We thank you for your patience and understanding.”

At 4:16 p.m., the company said the outage is not within its ability to repair. 

"Windstream, Level 3 and AT&T circuits are currently experiencing an outage that has impacted a large portion of the country," the update said. "Cablelynx Broadband uses Tier 1 providers like these companies to deliver bandwidth to our subscribers and provide redundancy. This is not an outage within our ability to repair but our engineers are in communication with all three companies and will share any Estimated Time of Restoration when we know that information."

At shortly before 3:30 p.m., the company’s original post had been shared 44 times, and more than 110 comments had been made on the post.

Some of the commenters who said they are customers of the company appreciated the message about the outage.

“Hey, just wanna say thanks for the fast response here on social media,” Adam Crutcher wrote. “Keep us posted when ya can.”

Others thought Facebook not the most appropriate method for the notice.

Roger Taylor offered a tip to those in the comments who were without internet service due to the outage by posting steps on how to use a phone’s connection by tethering to a computer.

“Your PC will recognize the network and you can at least do your e-mail and basic surfing during these outages,” he wrote. “I'm doing it now.”

At least a handful of people said they were working from home during the outage.

Makayla Slater said she has been working from home for nearly a year. She lives in Longview and works for Mr. Cooper handling mortgage accounts for people affected by COVID-19 or who are in foreclosure.

She said she was at lunch when the outage occurred.

“I was on lunch when it hit but a lot of my coworkers were still on the clock,” she said. “I saw it after it happened, maybe 30 minutes or so after. I tried contacting them through their web chat as soon as it happened but didn't get a response for 10 minutes. So far, we haven't heard word about when it'll be up.”

She said she has dealt with outages before.

“I've been working from home since August and these outages happen all the time with LKC but they're usually smaller and don't last long,” Slater said.

Diana Gentry said she feels for the people whose work is disrupted by the outage.

“My heart goes out to the ones who are working from home and doing school work,” she wrote. “I had an issue like that last semester with trying to do some school work on my laptop. Hopefully it won't take them long to get it back up and running.”

And some others took to the comments to offer light-hearted humor.

“My kid came out of his cave we call his room and asked ‘Am I in trouble?’ I said ‘Yes, we found out,’ she wrote. “He started explaining and confessing to his crimes. Pleading with me to turn his internet back on... THANK YOU Longview Kilgore cable for keeping my kid honest. I guess I need to unplug his internet more often...”

Longview-Kilgore Cable's parent company, WEHCO Media, has interests in newspaper publishing, cable television and digital services, including its Cablelynx Broadband service. 

WEHCO Media CEO Walter E. Hussman said in November that Longview is the company's largest cable system. At the time, Hussman was announcing the company's plans to spend $5.5 million to bring 1-gigabit internet service to the region. 

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