A Longview man has been sentenced to prison for beating his two boys after they took extra food after dinner.

Jeremy Roy Gallant, 42, pleaded guilty this past week in the 188th District Court before Judge Scott Novy on charges related to beating his sons and strangling one of the boys in May 2020.

Gallant was sentenced to six years for injury to a child with intent of bodily injury, six years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and four years for assault family/household member impede breath/circulation. He was granted a deferred adjudication with 10 years’ probation for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

It was unclear Tuesday if the sentences will be served consecutively or concurrently.

According to Gregg County Sheriff’s Office, the beatings occurred May 25, 2020, and were reported the next day by the boys’ sister.

The sister and her friend went to the friend’s home to tell her mother about the abuse. The woman then told Longview police that her daughter’s friend said Gallant was beating the boys, according to the report.

The woman showed police text messages sent to her daughter from the boys’ sister that said, ”Is it bad my dad abuses my brothers?”

When the woman found out about the abuse, she picked up all four children from Gallant’s home on East Williams Road and brought them to her house. The children were listed between the ages of 12 and 16 at the time.

The woman told police that one of Gallant’s sons had bruises all over his body, and his ear was swollen, black and purple, with dried blood inside, the report said. She said the boy also had bruises all over his back, rib cage and his shoulders.

Police said Gallant threw one of the boys against a wall and into a dog crate after kicking him with steel toe boots. One of the boys was strangled with a sheet wrapped around his neck.

“It hurt like hell, and I wanted to snap on him, but I knew if I did I wouldn’t be walking here today,” one boy told a forensic interviewer. “I probably wouldn’t live. He would probably kill me.”

The boy told investigators that Gallant said, “The only reason I’m not killing you right now is because I love your mama.”

According to court documents, the assault was captured on video by Gallant’s “security system” throughout the house.

“We have seven security cameras in and around my house,” one of the boys told investigators. When asked if there was any way to watch the video, the boy said the cameras were hooked up to a TV in Gallant’s room.

According to one of the boys, Gallant learned that the boys took extra food by watching them on the security footage. The boys’ sister told a forensic interviewer that she was glad the cameras were there.

“(The girl) said her parents told her the cameras were there to make sure the boys did not do anything,” court documents said. “(The girl) said it backfired and caught them abusing the boys.”

The children further told investigators that the abuse was ongoing, detailing a time when the parents would get the children drunk.

One of the sisters told a forensic interviewer that in summer 2019, Gallant handcuffed the boys together “through a bed frame to keep them from sneaking out and running away.”

“(The girl) said the boys got away one night and went to Lowe’s to get the handcuffs cut off,” court documents said. “(The girl) said the boys told people at the store that they were doing the 24-hour handcuff challenge and lost the key.”

Investigators also noted in the report that the home was filthy.

The children also accused their mother of knowing about the abuse and not stopping it. She has not been charged, and the children were removed by CPS.

Gregg County sheriff’s deputies arrested and charged Gallant on May 27, 2020, and he was released two days later on bonds totaling $35,000. He was indicted by a Gregg County grand jury on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges and arrested again Oct. 25 before being released the next day on bonds totaling $60,000.

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