Longview plumbers reported Tuesday they are seeing increased calls for service. The problem is they can’t get to residents’ homes to address the issues because of the snow- and ice-covered roadways.

“We are having a lot of people call, but to be completely honest, our company isn’t able to get out because it isn’t safe for our staff to be on the roads right now,” said Josh Nunn with Richard Holt Plumbing in Longview.

The majority of the calls, Nunn said, are from residents whose pipes froze in the sub-zero temperatures. Andy Murry with Napps Cooling, Heating and Plumbing said Napps has primarily received phone calls about frozen pipes as well as heaters that have stopped working.

“We’re struggling trying to get out to people because the weather is so bad,” she said. “We have managed to run a couple of calls, and we’re trying to get to as many people as we can. We’re just having a really hard time because of the roads.”

Murry and Nunn each said the primary plumbing issue right now is frozen pipes. Neither company reported calls for pipes that have burst because outside temperatures haven’t warmed up enough for pipes to thaw and burst.

“When things start thawing out, that’s when you will start to notice pipes busting and you’ll really start to see the effects that frozen pipes can have,” Murry said.

While Nunn and Murry said they hope residents have already taken precautions to prevent freezing pipes, they did offer advice for homeowners.

“We recommend leaving a steady stream of your hot and cold water from your faucets day and night to keep them from freezing,” Nunn said. “Even if you have a slab house, be sure to leave a drip from faucets and pipes that are on your exterior walls.”

Murry added that people can open cabinet doors under their sinks to be sure that heated air circulates through there.

“And if your pipes are frozen, you should still leave the faucet on even if there is no water coming out of it right now,” Nunn said. “When the pipe starts to thaw, the water will need somewhere to go.”

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