The News-Journal’s e-edition offers an exact page-by-page view of each day’s newspaper electronically. It’s available to subscribers via


and the newspaper’s mobile app .

Effective next week, the News-Journal is shifting its Monday print publication to digital only. The company will continue to provide round-the-clock comprehensive local and regional coverage through its electronic platforms.

An electronic replica of the entire newspaper, or e-edition — from the front page through the classifieds — will continue to be available to subscribers each Monday and every day at news-journal.com/eedition and via its recently launched news app. The company said it planned to add pages to the Monday e-edition and enhance print editions on other days.

The move is billed as “Mobile Monday,” a reference to the fact a majority of subscribers access the newspaper’s digital delivery platforms via mobile devices. All print subscriptions include unlimited digital access to the News-Journal, which includes access to the e-edition and news-journal.com.

“We are not stopping the delivery of news on Mondays,” said Stephen N. McHaney, publisher of the News-Journal and president of its parent company, M. Roberts Media. “We are simply changing the way that news makes it into the hands of our loyal readers. What doesn’t change is our commitment to our readers, advertisers and East Texas.”

The move lines up with the company’s strategy of providing digital delivery of the most comprehensive local news available on multiple platforms, he said. But it was accelerated by the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on all businesses.

McHaney said the News-Journal has seen a major surge in traffic to its website and growth in both print and digital subscriptions during the pandemic, but not enough to offset the declines in business. Also, he said, the majority of the company’s advertisers prefer their Monday advertising to appear in its digital products.

“The News-Journal is working to ensure its staff, from those who gather the news and advertising to those who put the printed paper on readers’ driveways, can continue to do their jobs,” McHaney said. “Providing news and information with honesty and integrity, especially at this crucial time, is our company’s main goal. These moves aim to allow us to do that.”

Mobile Monday is being launched in conjunction with the newspaper’s recently released mobile app. It’s available in the Android and Apple app stores by searching for Longview News-Journal.

“As the most trusted and complete source of local news, we felt it was important to add to our lineup of products,” McHaney said. “This most recent addition is aimed at keeping readers up to speed on the news in our region.”

The mobile app offers push notifications, which alert readers to breaking news.

“When breaking news happens, you’ll get a notification, much like a text message,” said Bret Jacomet, head of M. Roberts Digital, the digital agency responsible for the app’s development. “Opening that notification will take you directly to the information.”

The app also delivers content found in the print and digital editions, and often more in-depth and timely coverage of news of interest to the community, he said.

In addition to additional news pages in the e-edition, Mobile Monday will offer interactive content not found most other days. That will include polls, contests and other content aimed at encouraging readers to engage with the News-Journal.

To make full use of the app, readers must have an active digital account log in, said Tim Miller, director of circulation and customer service. Current subscribers who haven’t activated their digital access can do so directly from the app or website.

“All that’s needed is the email address associated with your account and a password you create,” Miller said. “New users can also subscribe right from the app on your phone.”

Anyone needing help with digital access may call the News-Journal’s customer service department at (903) 237-7777 for assistance.

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