Pine Tree ISD has established a district safety and security committee to ensure it is doing what it can to keep students safe.

The school board approved the committee, along with campus and district improvement plans, at its regular meeting Monday evening.

Jack Irvin, director of safety and transportation, said Senate Bill 11 requires the safety and security committee. Members will meet at least three times a year — in the fall, spring and summer.

Superintendent Steve Clugston said the committee will be like a think-tank that will look at everything the district is doing safety-wise and evaluate what else can be done.

In addition, campus safety teams might bring issues to the district committee, Clugston said. The district committee will bring recommendations to the board.

The superintendent and two school board members must serve on that committee. Board president Frank Richards and vice president Adam Graves will serve on the committee.

Irvin said the committee includes members of law enforcement, parents, educators and emergency maintenance in Gregg County and Longview.

Additionally, the district received an unmodified audit, meaning the auditors uncovered no findings for which the district needed to be penalized, Clugston said.

Independent auditor Karen Jacks performed the audit and presented her findings to the board before trustees approved the audit.

Assistant Superintendent Eric Cederstrom presented campus and district improvement plans for board approval, which was granted.

The plans detail goals and strategies to bring all the district’s school up to “A” campuses in Texas Education Agency ratings.

Cederstrom said the plans are living documents that can change. The district improvement team is meeting Dec. 3 and can evaluate and make changes then.

Overall, student success is the No. 1 goal, he said.

The campus plans tie in with the overall district improvement plan, Clugston said.

Clugston said when he took over the district 1 1/2 years ago, the board asked him what he will do to improve the district. He told them he would invest in people.

“That includes our little people that go to school here; we invest in them,” he said.

“We’re in the people business, and it’s not a program that makes things great — it’s people that make things great.”