Stephen Lorenzo could get $6,896.66 for 1,950.79 square feet of his property at McCann Road and Ruthlynn Drive after today’s Longview City Council meeting.

But Lorenzo said it is not for sale.

The council is scheduled to vote to take part of Lorenzo’s property through eminent domain at its 5:30 meeting today.

City spokesman Shawn Hara said the project is recommended for traffic safety related to the sight lines at the intersection.

Rolin McPhee, the city’s director of public works, said the city is looking at eminent domain because it was unable to reach an agreement with the property owner.

“If you pull up to the intersection as it currently sits today, you are unable to see traffic on McCann Road traveling south, enough in advance to enter the roadway,” he said.

In an email sent early Monday morning to the mayor and council members, Lorenzo, owner of the property at 401 Ruthlynn Drive, invited the officials to visit his property and work on a solution to satisfy both parties.

McPhee said the city received some complaints about the intersection and visibility issues. After review, the city found the fence is not the appropriate distance for traffic safety.

According to a email Lorenzo sent the mayor and council, he worked with various city departments to build a fence on his property along McCann and Ruthlynn.

Lorenzo’s statement also said the city is not offering compensation for loss of value incurred when the new property lines do not allow access onto McCann Road or other losses such as plants, including a 100-year-old oak tree; parts of paving; a Greenbriar Subdivision sign located on his property; and custom fence panels.

According to an April 17 letter to Lorenzo from the public works department, the city sent its final offer, which Lorenzo had 30 days to accept or reject.

The letter said if Lorenzo rejects the offer, eminent domain proceedings would begin upon final approval from the City Council.