Privacy booth

Pamela Hardy demonstrates the new soundproof privacy booth at the Sammy Brown Library in Carthage.

CARTHAGE — The Sammy Brown Library has installed a privacy booth and added two new laptop computers after being awarded a grant.

“These grants were developed to help support libraries, bring special programming to their communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” library Director Kim Turner said. “For the last few years, one of the services our library could not provide was a private meeting spot for teleconferencing, and so citizens frequently use our public access computers for creating their resumes or conducting a job search, registering for classes or even online job training.

“However, none of our public access computers were set up for teleconferencing or interactive online meetings. There was no privacy, plus the computers themselves did not have the technology or the attachments needed for video conferencing.”

Turner said they wanted to provide a space for these kinds of services, but other libraries that have provided this service have had to undertake a large building project.

“So that’s how we determined that we going to pursue this soundproof booth that provides the privacy that’s needed, but it also incorporates all of those other elements,” she said. “It is a standalone structure that provides the lighting, the electrical, the ventilation, everything you would need for a private space to conduct an online meeting, but it’s just in a little private booth.

“In addition to the booth, we also used the grant money to purchase two laptop computers that have audio and video capabilities, because ... our public access computers didn’t have that, and so those computers are available for in library use in the booth for Zoom meetings and things like that.”

“We envision this booth being used for online meetings, including those for business or school or most importantly going forward, telehealth visits,” Turner said.

The booth and laptops are ready for use. Call the library at (903) 693-6741 to reserve the booth and/or a laptop.

The Sammy Brown Library is at 319 S. Market St. in Carthage.

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