Carthage ISD is paying former Superintendent John Wink a maximum lump sum of $199,500 as part of a separation agreement approved Thursday by the school board.

In the agreement, Wink agreed to voluntarily resign as superintendent on Thursday and remain with the district as special assistant for transition through his “effective resignation date.” As part of that agreement, Wink will be available on call by telephone for Interim Superintendent Jim Dunlap.

His effective resignation is agreed to be Jan. 20 or the first day of Wink’s employment in another school district.

Wink joined the district in January 2019 from Blue Ridge ISD near Dallas to succeed longtime Superintendent Glenn Hambrick. In addition to Carthage ISD and Blue Ridge ISD, Wink has previously worked at Tatum, Hallsville, Gilmer and Longview ISDs. Wink is a Longview native.

The district agreed to furnish Wink with a neutral reference from Board President Ben Donald consisting of his dates of employment, position in the district and that his 2019-20 evaluation was “meets expectations or higher.”

The district agreed to pay Wink a maximum lump sum of $199,500, minus the salary they will pay him until his effective resignation.

The district and Wink agreed they would not “retaliate against, harass, disparage, or defame” each other, agreeing any statement about Wink’s employment with the district would be, “The situation was resolved to the parties’ mutual satisfaction, and I am not permitted to comment further.”