A Longview man used this week’s snowfall to check an item off his personal bucket list: to build an igloo.

Today, an igloo with a 10-foot radius and that is almost 6 feet tall at its highest point sits in Zahck Israel’s front yard in Longview.

“I’ve seen where people have built igloos before, but we never get the right kind of weather for it. I always told myself if it happens, I’m going to build one,” Israel said Wednesday. “All of a sudden, the weather was here.”

When this week’s snowfall arrived, Israel immediately began watching YouTube videos to bring ideas together for how to construct the igloo.

Israel is no stranger to construction. He owns Longview Cabinets, which makes cabinets and other types of furniture such as bookcases. He also co-owns Ollie’s Skate Shop in downtown Longview.

When the snow arrived, he started making snow bricks by using Tupperware containers that he packed with snow. Israel said he made sure to use snow that was a little wet from sitting in the sun because it packed into the container better.

He let the containers sit until the snow bricks hardened and he could pick them up.

“There was a little bit of a learning curve to figure out just how to stack them together,” he said.

The most difficult aspect was finding a way to close the top, he noted.

“I ended up cutting those bricks similar to how you would a planter paver. I made them in trapezoid shapes and then I was able to lock them together,” he said.

While Israel said he wished he could have been working this week, the igloo provided a fun challenge. Once completed, he and his wife, Erica, spent time hanging out in it.

“It’s surprisingly warm inside,” he said.

Next up, he’s considering lighting a fire inside it. A fire inside typically melts an inner layer of ice and the cold outside refreezes it , adding an extra layer of insulation that can keep an igloo even warmer.

Beyond that, Israel has more projects and ideas on his bucket list.

“I’ve got way too many projects on my list,” he said.

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