Spring Hill ISD administrators inspired teachers and staff Friday during convocation through the superintendent’s vision of being “that premier school district in East Texas.”

With that vision in mind, Superintendent Steve Snell said the district is committed to “fulfilling (its) students’ intellectual, creative and physical potential.”

“We do that through collaborative efforts of excellent educators. ... When today’s over, I want you to be inspired and commit to your role in that mission,” he told district faculty and staff.

A student’s intellectual potential means more than good standardized test scores, Snell said.

“We’re also talking about meeting them where they are and growing them, pushing them forward wherever that is, giving them things they’re interested in and exposing them to lots of different programs,” he said. “I don’t believe you get high test scores by chasing high test scores. I think you get those high test scores by fulfilling (students’) potential.”

Snell charged teachers with the task of being more creative and getting “back to having fun because (they) need to have fun in the classroom so the kids can have fun in the classroom.”

He said healthy Panthers aren’t just athletes, but also students who make healthy choices such as using social media responsibly. It’s the district’s job to reinforce healthy behaviors, Snell said.

“We have to teach our kids, ‘Garbage in is garbage out.’ ... I’m like, ‘Let’s work toward more recess in (the) primary (school). Let’s have fun.’ If they’re not having fun, then it feels boring,” he said.

Before Snell introduced several administrators who presented departmental overviews and updates, board President Mark White welcomed teachers and staff back and thanked them for all they do.

“We’re so glad to have you back, and I think it’s going to be a tremendous year. ... For those who are new to this district, if this is your first year, we’re so glad to have you. I hope you have a wonderful experience and I hope this becomes your home,” White said. “Just know you’re making a difference, and you’re extremely appreciated.”

School resource officer Roger Askew spoke about media’s impact on youth, and consultant Robin Underdown presented “The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life.”

The first day of classes in Spring Hill ISD is Aug. 20.

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