Kindergarten teacher Lauren Silverman said she misses her students like they are her own family during the extended closure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

After seeing on Facebook that some teachers in other states arranged parades to drive by their children’s houses to wave to them, the Spring Hill Primary School educator presented the idea to her principal and colleagues.

About 40 cars with teachers and staff showed up at the school for the parade Tuesday.

Other schools in the area have planned similar activities to connect with their students during the closure. At Spring Hill, some cars were decorated with balloons or had “we miss you” and “we love you” painted on the windows.

The caravan paraded around several Spring Hill ISD neighborhoods.

“It’s just hard not knowing when we’re going to go back,” Silverman said. “We’ve developed pretty strong relationships up until March, and then all of a sudden, we don’t get to see them every day anymore. We’re like a family, and we miss each other.”

Heather Droelle was waiting in her lawn on Wain Drive for the parade. Her children were sliding down a wet tarp to pass the time.

Two of her children — Maddison, 7, and Everlee, 5 — are Spring Hill Primary School students, Droelle said.

“I think it’s great that they’re wanting to do this for the students,” she said. “They’re really excited to see their teachers, because they love their teachers. I think it’s great for them to get to see them and still know that they’re there for them, even if they can’t see each other face-to-face.”

Droelle said she is doing her best to work with her children on schoolwork at home, but she has a new appreciation for her daughters’ teachers.

Maddison said while laughing she would “rather have Mrs. Thomas” as her teacher than her mom.

Joel and Brenda Sayre also greeted the teachers on Wain Drive with their son, Gray, 7.

Joel Sayre said the family started the at-home lesson plans this week. His wife, Brenda Sayre, said Gray enjoys the online lessons.

Even though he enjoys the computer work, Gray said he still misses his friends and teacher.

“He kind of feels like he’s still on spring break,” Brenda Sayre said. “It hasn’t really sunk in. With us not sure exactly when we’re going back yet, we’re not sure what to tell him.”

Silverman said she wanted the parade to show the children that their teachers miss them.

“I hope they just understand that we’re still thinking about them,” she said. “And we are going out of our way to say ‘hello’ to them and that we love them.”