Temperatures in the mid-90s with high humidity will bring a heat advisory from 10 a.m. today through 7 p.m. Wednesday in Longview, the National Weather Service in Shreveport reported Monday.

Humidity of 55 percent to 60 percent will combine to make daytime temperatures in the mid-90s as uncomfortable as if they are 105 and 106 degrees, according to weather service meteorologist Mario Valverde. He said the temperature at 93 degrees at 3 p.m. Monday gave a heat index value of 104 degrees.

“It is not uncommon for this time of year to have heat advisories,” Valverde said. “The humidity is the big driving factor.”

Valverde said he does not have a forecast yet for when the mercury will hit 100 degrees. The weather service recorded its first 100-degree temperature in 2018 on June 30, with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher following on July 1-3, July 19-23 and July 25-27. The temperature peaked in 2018 at 105 degrees on July 22.

He said area residents can expect mild relief of 3 degrees cooler with an afternoon high of 93 on Thursday, followed by an increasing chance of rain with the coming weekend.

Meanwhile, the heat might prompt more overnight stays at the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission at 3117 W. Marshall Ave. and the Salvation Army shelter at 519 E. Cotton St. The rescue mission also has implemented its inclement weather policy to let people stay if they had been expelled in the past for violations, Executive Director Rusty Fennell said.

The rescue mission also is opening its day room all day during the heat wave.

“We will continue to allow people in,” Fennell said. The mission also is offering bottled water for people coming in and for residents who have jobs.

The Salvation Army staff will open its drop-in center at 504 E. Cotton St. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. today, in addition to being open the usual Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Capt. Nick Hutchinson said. Visitors will be offered snacks and cold drinks and may play board games and watch movies.

The Newgate Mission at 207 S. Mobberly Ave. also has extended its hours during the week to 5 p.m. during extreme weather.