WHITE OAK — Complaints of feral hogs in White Oak have gotten the city’s attention.

City Council members have authorized Mayor Kyle Kutch to try to work an agreement with hunters or trappers of the wild pests. The council unanimously approved the resolution during its regular monthly meeting Tuesday at City Hall.

Kutch and City Coordinator Charlie Smith are expected to meet with people who can present ideas for reducing or eliminating feral hogs.

“Anything you can do to help would sure be appreciated,” resident Don Morgan said after telling the council that he had “two big problems — hogs and poor postal service.”

Kutch answered, “We might be able to help on one of them.”

The city and White Oak police have fielded several calls from residents about feral hogs, Smith said, and recent media attention has subsequently garnered attention from potential feral hog hunters who have called Smith wanting to bring their services to White Oak.

The question now is which method to choose in dealing with the pests.

Council members bantered ideas from using poison or firearms to setting different types of traps, but concerns of poison exposure to pets, use of weapons in populated areas and the effectiveness of traps on the rapidly producing pests also were raised.

Blake Armstrong, the city’s attorney, has drawn up a sample contract that, when needed, can be signed by residents allowing hog hunters or trappers to come onto their properties, Smith said.

“I would sign that document to allow the trappers to trap them before they get into (a nearby) neighborhood,” Morgan said.

In other business, Gene Keenon, government affairs manager for Republic Waste, presented the city with a $1,000 check. The donation, presented annually to the city, is to be used only for quality of life enhancements such as parks or recreation, he said.

Jimmy Daniell Isaac covers the city of Longview and Gregg County. Follow him on Twitter: @jimmyisaaclives.