A Longview woman has a daughter with the husband of a woman she is accused of stabbing, and the two women have been in previous altercations, according to court documents.

Shanika L. Dunn, 39, was booked Nov. 12 into Gregg County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was released Saturday on $25,000 bond.

Longview police responded shortly after 10:30 a.m. the day of the arrest to a “cutting just occurred” call at a local hospital. Upon arrival, officers found a person with stab wounds.

According to the criminal complaint and arrest warrant for Dunn, the woman who was stabbed was brought to the emergency room at the hospital by her daughter. Police were told the stabbing happened in the 2300 block of Dunbar Drive.

“While there, (the victim) was involved in an altercation and was injured,” court documents show. “The injuries were said to possibly be life threatening and that (the victim) could, at minimum, lose her right arm.”

The woman who was stabbed was about to be sedated and taken to surgery when police spoke to her. She told police she and Dunn had known each other for years and that the pair saw each other on Dunbar Drive.

Dunn began yelling at the woman when they saw each other, documents show. The woman yelled back and “cussed her out” before Dunn came toward her. The woman said she was struck by a juvenile who was with Dunn. The woman said she would call police, and Dunn pulled out a knife. Dunn cut the woman several times, according to the documents.

“A large amount of blood was located at the scene where the incident was said to have taken place,” the documents show.

Dunn was reluctant to speak to police when first reached by officers. Police asked Dunn about a report she made on Nov. 8, and she agreed to meet with officers.

Dunn initially denied being in the area of the assault.

Court documents show Dunn has a daughter with the husband of the woman who was stabbed and that the two do not get along.

Dunn told police when the daughter was a year old, “she was in a fight with (the woman) and cut off her nipple,” the arrest warrant said. “Dunn said that she was not around (the woman) this date and has not stabbed anyone since 2014.”

When pressed, documents show Dunn said she was on Dunbar Drive when the woman was there. Dunn said the woman started yelling at her and approaching her vehicle. Dunn said the woman had “rushed” her in the past, so Dunn kicked open her car door, which hit the woman and knocked her backwards.

Dunn said she thought the woman was trying to get a weapon from her vehicle, so Dunn pulled out a pocket knife and cut the woman before leaving the area.

A warrant for Dunn’s arrest was issued Nov. 12 by the 124th District Court.

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