TYLER - A 15-year-old Tyler boy was arrested this week in connection to the murder of his sister who was found shot to death in their home a few months ago.

Mark Nathaniel "Nate" Anderson, the brother of Amanda Anderson, was arrested Wednesday at a Tyler church.

According to an arrest affidavits issued by Tony Dana, the story Nate Anderson gave Smith County officials did not match up with the actual evidence that was gathered from the crime scene.

Amanda Anderson, 19, was found in her bedroom with four gun shot wounds to her head on Sept. 15 around 7:20 p.m. in the 10,000 block of CR 2273 in Smith County.

Nate Anderson reportedly told officers he went for a short jog in the woods, and when he returned he found Amanda Anderson dead.

He told officers in a recorded conversation, and several times in interviews that he did not enter his sister's room or touch her, however Nate Anderson's shirt, pants and shoes showed blood spatter patterns that could only exist if he were in the room at the time of the shooting, according to arrest affidavits.

"Nationally renowned" blood-spatter expert Bob Henderson said the spatters found on Nate Anderson's clothes were consistent with what he would expect to find on the shooter's clothing.

A forensic laboratory also confirmed the blood found on Anderson's clothing matched the DNA of his sisters.

In addition to Nate Anderson's clothes, the department also determined

a .22 caliber gun found in the Anderson's home matched the type of gun and contained the same bullets that could have been used to kill his sister.

Their father, Mark Anderson told authorities the gun retrieved was the gun his son typically used when the two went target shooting.

Despite allegations, family members reportedly maintain Nate Anderson is innocent.

Phone calls to the Anderson family were not returned Friday afternoon.

Nate Anderson remained held in Smith County juvenile Center Friday afternoon.

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