Burger challenge

Bob Shoudt, right, is seen recently before starting The Butcher Shop’s Betcha Cain’t Burger Challenge. At left is Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark, and in the middle is restaurant General Manager Lamar Richardson.

An American competitive eater recently became the first person to complete The Butcher Shop’s Betcha Cain’t Burger Challenge, which features about 8 pounds of food from the 38-year-old Longview burger joint.

Bob Shoudt, known as “Notorious B.O.B.,” recently completed the Butcher Shop challenge and recently posted a video of the feat to his YouTube page. He was the first person to complete the challenge, which Butcher Shop launched about eight months ago, according to General Manager Lamar Richardson.

“We’ve had probably at least eight people attempt it, especially when it first got going,” Richardson said. “But nobody’s been able to conquer it until now.”

Bob Shoudt, right, known as "Notorious B.O.B.," recently completed the Butcher Shop Betcha Cain't Burger Challenge and posted a video Tuesday of the feat to his YouTube page. He was the first person to complete the challenge at the Longview restaurant.

The Betcha Cain’t Burger Challenge dares individuals to eat a burger made with a 5-pound ground beef patty, topped with a half-pound of melted shredded cheddar cheese on a giant sourdough bun with 2 pounds of fries served on the side. Patrons have 30 minutes to complete the challenge. Those who complete the challenge don’t have to pay for the meal, and they receive a Butcher Shop gift card and T-shirt.

“We were hoping somebody would eventually complete it,” Richardson said. “He did it like a champ. Watching him eat it, you could tell this is what he normally does.”

Shoudt is a professional, competitive eater. He holds a number of eating records and has previously been ranked as the No. 2 competitive eater in the world by Major League Eating. Shoudt is also a YouTube entertainer with channel at YouTube.com/NotoriousBOB .

“This is a thick burger,” Shoudt said of Butcher Shop’s burger in a video posted to his YouTube page.

Later in the video, he added that large hamburgers like the one in the Butcher Shop challenge “rarely ever taste good.”

“But this burger actually tastes like a regular burger — just massive,” he said.

That’s because much like its regular hamburgers, Butcher Shop’s “Betcha Cain’t” burger is made fresh. For Butcher Shop, the entire process starts with grinding meat fresh daily to take the hamburgers to the next level. The restaurant also makes its signature sourdough buns in-house each day, and then patrons choose their own toppings at the fixins bar.

Shoudt called Butcher Shop the morning he intended to try the challenge, Richardson recalled. Luckily, the restaurant had one sourdough bun available and got to work preparing the patty.

“He set up his cameras, went to work and finished it in time,” he said. “He was excited to try it. We were excited, and our customers were excited to watch it.”

In his YouTube video, Shoudt said, “that was delicious” as he finished the burger. He then topped off the approximately 8.5-pound meal by having some of Butcher Shop’s signature Russian Rock cookies for dessert.

Richardson said anyone is welcome to try the Betcha Cain’t challenge. The restaurant only asks a person call in advance to let them know they intend to tackle the challenge so the restaurant can prepare a fresh bun and 5-pound patty.

“We welcome anybody to come in and try it,” he said.

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