Marshall is now Texas Music Friendly according to the governor’s office.

Representatives from the governor’s office presented the official designation at a Friday concert in Marshall at the convention center. Local stars Pepper Holt, Wes Jeans and Jake Williams all performed during the event, with Trace Ellington planned to headline the show.

City Tourism Director Dan Duke said that the city began to look into applying for the recognition earlier this year, forming a committee of interested community members who worked to engage with the governor’s office in completing the process.

The board members worked through completing state requirements, including going through workshop and attending conferences. Board member Steven McFarland joined Duke just a few months ago as the two attended a Dallas based Texas Music Friendly conference and received confirmation that the city would receive the honor.

“It’s important because in my opinion music is the thing that bring people together, it always brings people together no matter who they are or what demographic they are from,” Duke said. “It also draws on our history here with Boogie Woogie. Marshall has always been a music town.”