13 gangs said to operate in Gregg County

According to Longview detectives, this graffiti was done by someone claiming to be part of one of the street gangs in the city. (Submitted photo)

Although recent attention on local gang activity has focused on TYB — or Throwed Young Ballers — at least 12 other gangs are active in Gregg County.

Davis Street, 12th Street, Johnson Street, Gray Street and Pine Tree Click are recognized local street gangs, while Dirty White Boys, Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, Nuestra Familia, Pecker Wood, Surenos and Tango Blast are all state or federally recognized gangs with a Gregg County presence.

Information presented by police officials during a We The People-Longview meeting this past week shined light on the number of gangs operating in Longview and Gregg County as well as identifying symbols used by their members.

Concerns over gang activity — and Longview's 12 homicides this year — spurred a reaction from city and county officials, with Mayor Andy Mack saying earlier this month that the city doesn't have a crime or homicide problem but a gang and drug problem.

And Longview police Chief Mike Bishop has said that Longview police are teaming up with the Gregg County Sheriff's Office in a "countywide, multi-agency approach" to investigate suspected gang activity.

TYB is made up of mainly young members, and founding members did not want to affiliate with 12th Street or Davis Street gangs. Officials said it is rumored that Davis Street controls TYB.

As social media links between victims and suspects in recent Longview violent crimes show possible connections with TYB, officials said members are becoming increasingly violent "to prove themselves."

TYB members use five-point and three-point crown graffiti and tattoos as symbols.

No information was provided about the origins of the other local street gangs.

The 12th Street gang uses ace of spades and deuce of spades graffiti and tattoos as its symbols, while the Davis Street gang uses five-point crowns in graffiti and tattoos.

Details about other gangs operating in Gregg County are:

The federally recognized Dirty White Boys gang originated in the federal prison system in 1985. Although members are white, officials do not believe they are based in white supremacy philosophy.

The Gangster Disciples originated several decades ago in Chicago and are know to be active in 35 states.

Nuestra Familia is a Mexican American prison gang that originated in northern California.

Tango Blast is a Hispanic Texas prison gang that originated in the 1990s in a group effort by members to protect themselves from larger gangs.

No information was provided about the origins of the Pecker Wood gang, but members are known to use Aryan Circle or Aryan Brotherhood of Texas markings and tattoos.

No information was provided about the origins of the Surenos gang, but its primary focus is drug trafficking, and members are known to carry out orders for the Mexican Mafia.

The power points

The information was presented during the meeting in a power point presentation. We have the presentation available in two parts.

Here is the information that is specific to Longview street gangs: