Matthew Edward Alderman, left, and Elisha Diane Gray of Gladewater were arrested on child endangerment and other charges.

An anonymous tip about a naked, filthy toddler at a Gladewater home led Gregg County sheriff’s deputies to arrest her parents Tuesday on child endangerment and other charges, according to a report.

Matthew Edward Alderman, 43, of Gladewater was held Tuesday in the Gregg County Jail on $15,000 in bonds on charges of abandon, endanger child, criminal negligence and cruelty to non livestock animals, jail records show. Elisha Diana Gray, 37, of Gladewater was held Tuesday on $16,000 in bonds on charges of child endangerment, cruelty to non livestock animals and failure to identify by giving false/fictitious information.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Alderman and Gray at 6:22 p.m. Monday at their home in the 300 block of Sypert Street hours after a neighbor told police that Gray had a small child who was constantly filthy, the report said. The neighbor said Gray told him that she cut the umbilical cord for the child inside her home and had never taken the child to a doctor or obtained documents for the child.

A sergeant and a deputy contacted Gray, who identified herself as “Laurie Gray” and denied having the child.

Authorities contacted Alderman, who was with the child and said she was born in August 2017, the report said. He consented to a search of his home.

After the search, the Gregg County Health Department took possession of several pets that police said were not properly taken care of: 12 cats, six dogs, 12 rats, and one each of a rooster, pig and opossum. Texas Child Protective Services took custody of the girl.