The state attorney general has sided with law enforcement, allowing them to withhold body and dashboard video in the Aug. 7 fatal shooting of that left a teenager dead after being shot by Longview police.

Detravian Allison, 18, died in a Longview hospital hours after police fired multiple gunshots at him at the Longview Square Apartments at 1600 Pine Tree Road.

A letter dated Sept. 11 from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office to the Texas Department of Public Safety, whose Texas Rangers division is investigating the shooting, states that the video may be withheld from the News-Journal, which submitted a public information request for the footage. The letter cited a section of government code related to ongoing investigations.

A custodial death report filed earlier this month with the attorney general showed Allison was suspected of a crime when police encountered him. Police released little additional information on the day of the shooting beyond saying the officers involved had been placed on paid leave while the Rangers investigate the incident.